Fishing for Octopus

I lift my gaze, evening has fallen. My two sons are wading in the lagoon with the Maori boy Nga. They move slowly, concentrating. They copy Nga’s back-and-forth movements. "Move slowly”, he says and walks slowly forward with bent knees and careful steps. They search for octopus. Nga jabs his spear rhythmically into the holes lying on top of the coral reefs. They look for a movement, a sign. The boys have plenty of time, they have a good role model, they have the slow rhythm, they search…
"Move slowly”, repeats Nga. "Slowly…”
And the question arises: Is Nga a good mentor? Is this what mentoring is all about –concentrating, focusing, slowly, rhythmically in the company of a good role model?

(From "Mentor", 2014)


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